Script Samples

Selections from Noh Jersey

Kuse from Pine Barrens

The Kuri, Sashi, Kuse section of a noh play is often the poetic highlight of the piece. Here, The Shite (lead actor) as a young boy reveals some of his true nature to the waki and wakitsure (Wiccan witches wondering the barrens.) The chorus is indicated as “ji.”
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Ai Kyogen from Pine Barrens

Middle Narrative

Although the center section of a two-act noh is played by Kyogen actors (Noh's comedic sister art) it is rarely funny. This one is. The purpose of the sections is to break the tension and restate the central story in simple terms.
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From Atlantic City

The first part of the second half

The spirits Foruna (ie: Lady Luck) and Lucre reveal themselves to a humble priest who is meditating on the beach of this famous resort.
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