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The LAST of the five plays is written!

Yup,  “A Minor Cycle; Five Little Plays On A Starry Night” is finished! 
(Well except of one line and one verse.) 

I am proud of it all.  Especially the “Pan Song Cycle” 
I always wanted to write a song cycle and this was the perfect opportunity!  (heh, heh)
The verse still needed is a conjunction of the Male and Female aspects of the cycle.  Personally, I would rather them end apart. 
But (thank you Jubilith Moore) it is better for the entire evening (songs and plays) that they join together for the final FINAL lyric.

I MAY post the cycle in it’s entirety and who ever reads is (It it’s entirety) should comment.

Now here is a bit of the e-mail I send Jubilith at Theatre of Yugen.

            <<I hope you are home safe and sound.

            Well here is the very most of it.   The end isn’t as strong as it could be, maybe.
there is a short speech I have yet to write (It is in RED)
The Kyogen “’I will go,’ ‘I have arrived’” bit is in green as I never quite know how to place them.
I was really tempted to go with the “It was all a dream” ending…

I think we can fix it up pretty well if you have time for a phone meeting later this week.

I do fear that ALL the Kyogen exposition (the ‘jo’) needs to be …er… ‘versified.’  (I.E.: 7 and 5)

We will have to be rather adroit as it jumps from style to style, esp. at the end.  Purposefully I hope.  On purpose, anyway.

It is more abstract then I intended, but I think that’s kinda cool.  (Edith will like it)
For your Victorian flavor, there are THREE Tennyson poems quoted (Changing them slightly to suit the need, of course) and an easy reference to Keats.

I could have gone really nuts with this maybe, but I wanted to keep the timbre of the evening.
It still may need some erotic strokes.  (You will see; I used “maidens” instead of the V-word.)

I think it would also benefit from showy lighting queues for entrances and stuff ---
I am imagining everything very exposed, but, like, the entrance of St G. should be both exposed and surprising.   (‘but, like’ – heh)

Whet yer whistle?   We will be the Yugen’s Holliday show  (!)  and at the Painted Bride Arts Center  in February!!

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