Greg Giovanni offers a variety of college-level lectures accompanied by demonstrations in Noh chant and dance.

A clear area of 15 feet by 15 feet with a smooth, bare floor is required for demonstration. The floor should be as clean as possible. All fees are negotiated on a ‘per session’ basis.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a workshop please contact Greg for more information.

Theatre Nohgaku offers area tours and residencies featuring full Noh performances.

Lecture/Demonstration - One Session

Consists of a one to three hour lecture and demonstration

Depending on time, class size and subject this workshop could include:

  • Demonstration of styles of chanting and dance
  • Overview of the history and esthetics of Noh
  • Types of plays and characters
  • Flute demonstration
  • Discussion / demonstration of noh in English
  • Class participation in basic chant and dance

Lecture/Demonstration - Two Sessions

Consists of a one to three hour each

  • As above, with deeper insight to the components
  • Overview of Japanese theatre, performance practices and contemporary growth

Two Training Sessions

Three to four hours each

  • A practical workshop in the art of chant and dance
  • Students will be taught short phrases and a dance from a classical Noh drama

Larger Demonstrations

Demonstrations featuring two to four highly trained noh practitioners can be arranged